Sunday, May 23, 2010

Finding Freedom Coffee Arrives

Introducing our Finding Freedom through Friendship select label ground coffee.
FFF will ship 2 bags directly to any donor who contributes
$25 to our organization. This coffee originates in Columbia and Guatemala and is a specialty pack just for our organization. Our label design is a donation of services from Rae House, at here in Lexington, KY.
She did an excellent job of capturing the essence of what FFF is seeking to do in Guatemala.
For those of you who do not need a key chain, this is a great way to still contribute to our cause.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

How You Can Make a Difference by Purchasing a Key Chain

Finding Freedom through Friendship,Inc., makes it easy to assist a mother in crisis in rural Guatemala.
By sending a $25 donation (no tax) to our PayPal account, and e-mailing us at with your key chain of choice (# is below each item), you will provide food for two weeks for a selected single mother or elderly woman. You can also mail a check made out to FFF to 1781 Eastwood Dr., Lexington, KY 40502 with a note telling me which key chain(s) you wish to have.
Your key chain will be sent via U.S. mail, and you will receive photos of the woman in rural Guatemala who is the fortunate recipient of your gift of food. Arrangements can be made for those willing to sponsor a particular woman on a regular basis.
Our key chains are made with volunteer labor and donated beads from our board members. Each one is carefully crafted and comes with a lifetime guarantee. They make wonderful gifts, while offering a gift in return.

Mission Statement

Finding Freedom through Friendship, Inc., was established to meet the needs of single mother's and elderly women in the villages of rural Guatemala. The chronic stress of poverty, illiteracy and high birth rates have created an acute need for support services for indigenous women in the highlands of this Central American country. Recent crop failures are resulting in historically high food shortages.
Our goal is to assist participants in FFF with nutrition, social services, economic freedom and basic health care needs. By networking with long-term volunteers in rural Guatemala, we will strengthen our ability to make a significant and long-lasting difference in the lives of women who we identify as having critical domestic issues.
The women of Guatemala are resilient, and they each have a story to share. Through the sharing of resources, knowledge and friendship, we hope to travel with them in their journey to self-reliance. Each donor will receive a photo and short history of the woman who is the recipient of support. FFFvolunteers will oversee the delivery of food and support services in Guatemala. Our eventual goal is to partner in the development of a product that will be produced and sold by the indigenous women we have in our program.Our hope for each client we serve is that they will eventually be self-sufficient and able to rotate out of our program. Each single mother is required to educate her children and give back to the program in whatever way she is able.
Finding Freedom through Friendship has secured NP IRS status. Funding is received via the gift of beaded key chains (below) and individual donations of financial support.
Each key chain is made by hand by FFF board members, using only the highest quality beads. For each twenty-five dollar donation to Finding Freedom through Friendship,the donor receives a key chain of their choice as a thank-you for helping us help others. While creating each one, we like to think of the women we will connect with using the funds from this project.

Our Newest Client with bags of donated beans, maize, etc.

One of our Finding Freedom facilitators was able to deliver the first FFF donation of food to this family two days ago. In his words:
Juana who is widow and her family that is extremely poor. No words can describe how happy she and her family became receiving the food.I also helped so that Manuela’s son started to study. Manuela is Juana’s daughter and she is also widow. So now he should have started to go to school for the first time this year. His results from previous studies are good. I received a list on what school material he needs. I bought the same day a pencil, rubber, eraser, and a note book. I will try to buy the rest of school materials he needs as soon as possible. That includes a book, and also tennis shoes. This time I also bought toothpaste and bread to the family.