Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Newest Client with bags of donated beans, maize, etc.

One of our Finding Freedom facilitators was able to deliver the first FFF donation of food to this family two days ago. In his words:
Juana who is widow and her family that is extremely poor. No words can describe how happy she and her family became receiving the food.I also helped so that Manuela’s son started to study. Manuela is Juana’s daughter and she is also widow. So now he should have started to go to school for the first time this year. His results from previous studies are good. I received a list on what school material he needs. I bought the same day a pencil, rubber, eraser, and a note book. I will try to buy the rest of school materials he needs as soon as possible. That includes a book, and also tennis shoes. This time I also bought toothpaste and bread to the family.

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