Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Boy Scout troop in Denver Donates Midwifery Kits for Guatemala

Our board vice president, Mike McNevin,  is a scout leader in Denver. One of his prospective Eagle Scouts, Clayton Dunnaway chose rural midwives in Guatemala as his project. Finding Freedom sends midwifery kits to Guatemala as part of our maternal support program. The scouts above arranged the donations of supplies that are important for the delivery of a healthy newborn. Baby blankets were sewn, clothing donated, supplies packed, duffle bags boxed and then delivered to our home office in Lexington, KY. These suitcases above show the extent of the work done by the scouts. Their work will benefit 170 newborns in Guatemala.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Faces of the Future of Guatemala

The wealth of a country is dependent on the health of their women. Without an education, proper shelter, laws of protection and a means of economical gain, the women of Guatemala are not equipped to raise the next generation. Due to the limitations of  governmental resources in each of these criteria reaching the women in rural Guatemala, our work is more important than ever.