Saturday, September 25, 2010

Donation of a corn mill to a remote village in Guatemala

Here is the post from our amazing FFF volunteer who delivered a diesel corn mill to the village of Xecalbal. 
On Friday 24th September early in the morning I met Ramon and his son at the shop there they sell corn mills and other things. And I paid for the corn mill and we had to wait for the pickup car. We travelled first on the interamericana and then on a dirt road that is not in very good condition and we arrived to the entrance of the small steep mountain road to their village. Men and boys form the village met us to help to carry the parts of the corn mill by foot. It took about 2 hours to arrive to the village; we had to do several stops to rest. And later arrived some of the village’s women, to have their photo taken with the corn mill. Just before I was going to take the photos it started to rain heavy so I had to wait before it was possible to take photos outside. Inside the house it was too dark to good photos. As you can see the women are very happy for the corn mill. Some women were missing for the photo session. It was late and I had to sleep over in the village. I gave them a paper with the names of the donors and it a near time I hope to receive the thank you textiles.

25th September I woke up at 2.30 AM and at 3 o’clock Ramon and I started the long walk uphill. I wanted to catch a bus at 5.30 AM. It was a tough walk, we arrived to the road at 5.50 but the bus was delayed so I had the luck to catch the bus. This road is the only road there cars etc passes, and they are few, and only one bus passes in the morning. And it would have been another long walk on a very muddy road if I had missed that bus. Then I arrived to the crossroad 4 caminos the rain stated.

It is already decided where to have the corn mill, no corn mill house construction is needed.

All went very well, no problems. The women and the men of the villages thank you and the donors so much for the corn mill!