Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Making A Difference, One Stitch At A Time

Finding Freedom through Friendship has a wonderful friend in Anne Hall, mother-in-law to board member Mary Kay Hall.
Anne was our very first donor and has continued to support our organization through financial donations, sales of our coffee and key chains and now, through her knitting. She has raised hundreds of dollars for FFF.
Anne is currently making a difference in the lives of our single mothers by knitting and then selling her beanie hats. Since the beginning of 2011, Anne has raised $500 for FFF, enough to feed all of our families in the program for a month. Great job Anne!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Catarina Struggles with Asthma

Catarina is a single mother of three lively and beautiful little girls. She was diagnosed with asthma four years ago but unfortunately this young mother has not been able to afford the medications that are critical to her lung health. She is shown above at a local health clinic when one of our FFF facilitators, Roland, discovered her problem and helped her seek appropriate care. The respirator she is holding is delivering inhalant to help Catarina through a recent asthma attack.  Although she looks like a child herself, Catarina's small stature is due in part to her chronic illness and poor diet.
FFF has sent funds to purchase her medication and to feed her family a proper diet of vegetables, protein (eggs) and carbohydrates for the next month. We hope to raise money to include her in our program on a routine basis. Roland, who is in charge of  meeting the food and housing needs of six of our clients, will deliver food to Catarina and her children by the end of this week.

Thank you