Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New stoves for our mothers in Guatemala

New Onil stoves are being delivered to our single mothers this week thanks to a generous donation from Jennifer in Austin, Texas. Her financial gift has allowed us to purchase eight stoves for our clients, as well as water filters for each. 
The stoves will  reduce the amount of time each woman uses to chop wood (typically 6-8 hours a week), and the side shelving will prevent pediatric burns. Deforestation in Guatemala is occurring at an alarming rate. Each ONIL stove will reduce the amount of wood needed to cook a meal by 70%. 
The most important difference this gift will create will be in the health of the household members. Smoke from indoor cooking fires results in in bronchitis, asthma, chronic eye irritation and ash byproduct that permeates the home. These stoves are highly prized by rural Guatemalan mothers but the cost ($120) is prohibitive for most households. 
Water filters are essential to the health of rural residents of Guatemala. Only two of our clients owned them before this donation became available. 
We are most grateful to Jennifer for giving our Guatemalan recipients a healthier household.