Monday, July 25, 2011

A new widow in Guatemala

Finding Freedom Through Friendship usually does not provide critical supplies for married women in rural Guatemala. Our focus is single mothers who find themselves unable to feed their children or who have inadequate and unsafe housing. Supporting Manuel's family was out of the ordinarily for us, but due to his his end-stage diabetes, Manuel's wife had no financial means to support their five children. 
Manuel lost his battle with diabetes this past weekend. Thanks to our facilitator, Roland, food supplies have been delivered to this family for the last 8 months. Money was sent today to assist with the funeral expenses, which often cause a major financial strain on the family members.
Finding Freedom will continue to donate food for this family throughout 2011.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The Gift of Caring- $20 (includes shipping)

The Perfect Gift that Gives Twice- $20 (includes shipping)

New Key Chains for Sale- $ 20 (includes shipping)

Each key chain we make and sell helps us feed more children who are in single-parent households in rural Guatemala.
Without a husband to provide for their children, the single mothers in our program struggle to provide adequate food, and especially protein, for their children. Selling three key chains allows us to feed one family for a month.
It's easy! Simply email me at with the key chain number you like. You can pay via PayPal or send a check.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Maria in Guatemala is all smiles thanks to her new Onil Stove

I love Maria's smile, it captivated me from the beginning of her relationship with our organization. She has the type of smile that radiates from within, despite the fact that she has little to be happy about. As a single mother of teenage children, living in a metal shack with a leaky roof and walls, Maria has the tenacity to persevere under conditions few American women can imagine. She earns less than $3 a week. Her children have few viable options for having a life any better than what they are living now. But Maria keeps smiling, and FFF will continue to seek ways to assist her with critical needs and a brighter outcome in the future.