Saturday, August 27, 2011

Second shipment of midwifery supplies well received in Guatemala

The following is an excerpt from a recent note received regarding the last shipment of midwifery kits donated  by Finding Freedom through Friendship. 
The stethoscopes and blood pressure cuffs are still a great need as we train the midwives.  The syringe bulbs, the cords, the flashlights, the vitamins are such a blessing.  A group recently asked me for some sort of bag.  Not too big as they have to travel distances on foot and at night to get to the births.  Maybe a small back pack of sorts.  Something waterproof because it rains a lot.
A special gift to the ladies like samples of perfumes from Dept Stores or hair accessories (they have long black hair) for the midwives also would be wonderful.  They do not get much pay for days of labor. They actually tend the Mommy for the first 10 days and then keep track of them for a full 4 weeks.  Their pay is very little or a chicken or so.
I am hoping to have a website someday.  It is not my greatest asset to be doing so.  This way I can post the photos, blog and keep folks like you informed on a regular basis.
You do not know what a blessing those kits have been!  I take baby clothes to the hospital for the babies that are abandoned.  There is always one or two awaiting to go to an orphanage which are very full.  Some of the clinics have very poor folks and some of the blankets have landed on their babies as it gets cold at night. (Sally York, volunteer in Guatemala)