Monday, July 16, 2012

Catarina's new house

Catarina was first referred to Finding Freedom through Friendship in April of 2011. Since being accepted into our program, this mother of three adorable girls has had some profound life changes. 
Catarina suffered from Tuberculosis and hepatitis when our facilitator, Roland, first met her. She was so thin that it was easy to assume she was an older sister rather than the mother of her girls. 
Catarina sitting on her wooden plank bed in her former home, April 2011
Since finding FFF, Catarina has undergone a hospitalization for pneumonia, intensive treatment for her TB and hepatitis, and has been the beneficiary of monthly food donations which allows her to feed herself and her family a daily meal. She has now gained weight, her girls are in school, and she is released from the worry of how to meet the minimal needs of her children and elderly mother. We are meeting her physical needs so that she can be the mother she wants to be. Breaking the cycle of critical poverty in rural Guatemala, one family at a time.

Catarina in front of her new home donated by Finding Freedom. She has a real door!

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