Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Catarina's health improving in Guatemala

Catarina (right) looks more like one of her own daughters than the mother of these three beautiful girls. She shows the effects of maternal malnutrition in her lack of appropriate height and weight.
It has been a difficult year for this 32 year old single mother in northern Guatemala. She suffers from tuberculosis, active asthma and hepatitis. This past fall she was hospitalized for pneumonia. Lack of adequate shelter and nutrition made healing difficult.
Finding Freedom's facilitator, Roland, has taken extra care to meet the needs of this family. He provided oversight during Catarina's hospitalization, and he has taken her to doctor appointments, as well as purchased medication that was critical to help her during asthma attacks.
Our organization recently donated a newly constructed house for this family, also supervised by Roland, and the girls have been included in our school sponsorship program. Monthly food donations will provide essential nutrients to keep this little family healthy throughout 2012.