Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How excited would your child be over a bag of oatmeal?

This is Francisco. Finding Freedom through Friendship started providing his family with monthly food donations last fall.
These food donations are not exciting...100 lbs of corn, rice, 50 lbs of black beans, cooking oil, sugar, and eggs. No junk food, no desserts, no soft drinks. Nothing that a typical child would be excited enough to smile this big for.
The incaparina that Francisco is holding is a nutritious cereal that is similar to our American oatmeal.
I grew up eating oatmeal. In the 1960's it was an inexpensive way to fill the stomachs of our large family at breakfast. There was nothing about oatmeal that would have elicited a smile like Francisco's. But then I was never this thin, with no father to provide food, and four siblings who were as hungry as I was.