Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lesbia awaits her next meal in Guatemala

This toddler has a brighter look in her eyes now that Finding Freedom through Friendship has started sponsoring her in our program. The monthly food donations are rounding out her cheeks, and she will soon be too big to ride on her mother's back, as she is shown above. Her mother still needs a water filter, and a wood stove to keep Lesbia safe from open fires, and yes, that is a pig in the street outside of her home. We can never make things as right for this toddler and her family as we would like to. But our board members sleep better at night knowing that we are making things better for 12 abandoned mother's and their children. Lesbia didn't ask to be born into this kind of grinding poverty that keeps her Mayan family and neighbors tired, malnourished and under-educated. But when she is older, she may ask why there weren't  more resources available to help her get the education, healthcare and shelter she will need. We hope to have the answers for her.