Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Would Your Child be This Happy about Cabbage?

 When Adopt-A-Village Guatemala founder Frances Dixon sent me this photo yesterday ( we partner with AAV to help this family) three things came to mind.
  •  I have never seen children this happy to see cabbage, eggs and beans.
  •  Guatemala's verdant land is capable of feeding its citizens. These are some great looking cabbages!
  •  Land ownership among single-mother households is essential toward enabling these Mom's to     feed their children. It is the only way to avoid the need for FFF and AAV to provide food donations on a monthly basis. We would love to be "out of a job" and empower Candalaria to feed her children without assistance. Owning enough land to plant a garden and support farm  animals is our is the key to self-sufficiency for this family.