Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How Often Do We Really Listen?

This is Ana. She has had a very difficult life, which was made more so by the recent diagnosis of diabetes. Left alone to raise her five children in remote northern Guatemala, Ana had no social welfare resources available to help her with the critical needs of food and shelter for her family.
Adopt-A-Village Guatemala has networked with us to help Ana with food donations, educating her children and by providing funding for the construction of a new house for the family. They now have some basic essential household items, including beds and blankets and a wood-efficient stove.
Juan Francisco, a student in the school program under the direction of AAV, is seen in the photo on the right during his recent interview with Ana, which was part of a community school service project. It is one of the few times Ana had the pleasure of feeling listened to. Supporting the emotional needs of abandoned women in Guatemala is difficult at best...we are so busy assisting them with food deliveries and education assistance.
Everyone has a story. The history of survival and determination in the absence of hope is difficult at best. To sit and share her history with this student was a unique and precious moment in Ana's life journey.