Monday, October 8, 2012

You Be the Judge

I am five foot three inches and I weigh 134 lbs. Most women don't like to admit their weight. But in this context, it helps to know for comparison.
The woman in this photo is the mother of one of our sponsored single mothers. Her daughter's husband died soon after being deported from illegally entering the United States. Maria (in photo) has allowed her daughter and five grandchildren to live with her and sleep on her floor while they are homeless (the home/land was confiscated after the husbands death).
Maria now shares available food rations with 14 family members. I'll always feel tall when I stand next to her, even though in the states, I shop in the petite department. And I doubt that Maria will ever have a weight problem.
My hope is that by next year, we will have available funds to allow Maria's daughter to be in her own home and that so little food will not have to be shared by so many people.