Friday, July 26, 2013

The Little Things Make the Biggest Difference

When my brother Mike (our Vice President) and I were little, our Grandmother would send care packages to us that were full of delight. Candy, Cracker Jacks, chocolate coins in tiny mesh bags--enough for all five of us. It felt like a box of joy had traveled all the way from Trenton, New Jersey to tiny Somerset, Kentucky. I still love getting boxes on my doorstep; the element of surprise is tangible and I stop whatever I am doing to open them when they arrive. Today I opened a box from a Finding Freedom through Friendship volunteer Evelyn. Here is what I discovered: 

The cutest beanie hats ever, hand-knit by a lady who I have never met, and most likely never will since she lives 2,000 miles away. Evelyn has done this for us before. Her hats are beautiful. I've sent them to Central America as part of  our midwifery kits, and in boxes of clothing donations, and the children in the cool mountains of Guatemala love them. They are tangible gifts of caring, one stitch at a time. It may seem like a small thing (literally) in the face of so much need.
This box wasn't just meant to brighten the day of the lucky recipients in Guatemala. Evelyn's offering of love and attention to detail made a difference in my day as well.
Her hats are beautiful but her spirit is contagious. I needed the boost today as I struggle with the demands of the paperwork required to run this program. After opening Evelyn's "box of friendship" I felt a tingle of renewed enthusiasm to tackle my pile.
Grandma's care packages taught me that love comes in many forms. Mike and I think she would approve of how Evelyn shows hers.