Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Seven Year Old Ambassador

Our organization has a new friend. Her name is Madison, a seven year old from Florida. Without realizing what she has done, which is one of the sweet things about being seven, Madison has helped our organization with one of our most important goals...creating hope, through friendship.

Madison's picture for Beatriz in Guatemala
Beatriz in Guatemala
Fear is a commonly felt emotion when a woman is left without a husband, by whatever method is pertinent to her situation. Through abandonment, death, illness, financial ruin...women without husbands in Guatemala and all over the world are left to survive as best they can. Fear quickly finds a husband-less woman, especially if that woman is illiterate, has no formal income, and does not own property, have banking rights or inheritance. I'm not talking about being scared. I'm talking about deep, bone-marrow type of fear. And when mamas live in fear, their children do also. 

Madison's gifts to Beatriz.
Beatriz's mother, widowed five years ago, just moved into her new home, made possible through a donation from our organization. The family is starting to relax. The children are being fed, there is water flowing on the property, school scholarships are being secured. And as each of Beatriz's siblings find their school sponsors, more concern about the future will be dispelled in their particular household. 
Finding Freedom (from fear) through Friendship.
Madison and her family decided to sponsor Beatriz for school. Madison has not met Beatriz, but this letter, and these gifts will soon be traveling with me to Guatemala to be given to Beatriz when I visit her family. 

Children are our best teachers...Madison and Beatriz are connecting as two little girls from 2,000 miles away, bridging cultures and easing worries, which can only serve to make the world just a tiny bit better. Hope dispels fear. Hope hugs the heart and heals the hurts.