Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mother to Mother

Stella Leona Ad promoting FFF

 We at Finding Freedom through Friendship firmly believe in the power of women to connect with each other in life-changing ways. It is a risky proposition, this emotional connection we are capable of creating. By extending our hearts, spirits and energy, we risk being hurt. And when we hurt, we feel it at a level men can't always relate to. Making the choice to put ourselves "out there," whether it is in a relationship, a business proposition or for a volunteer prospect can go in any direction. Not all of us are brave enough to make this venture. 
 Nancy Bontrager is making the decision to continue with her family's dedication to being world-changers. 

Nancy Bontranger, founder of Stella Leona Chocolates

A few years ago, Nancy suddenly became a single mother after the passing of her husband. You can read more about her business and personal journey here: Stella Leona Blog.
Nancy knows firsthand what FFF mother's experience when they are suddenly faced with raising children by themselves. She "gets it" in ways that I'm sure she wishes she didn't. 
Sometimes the best way to travel a difficult path is by pulling someone else up to walk along side you, arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder. Supporting our program through the sales of a specialty Mother's Day product is Nancy's way of pulling some of our mother's up, by offering them support through raising revenue. 
We are honored to have Nancy, as a business owner, and her staff, as chocolate artisans, stand with us in our desire to ease the difficulties of abandoned and widowed mothers in our program. 
Here is the link to the product that is being featured for the Stella Leona Mother's Day fundraiser.  (FFF Fundraiser). 
All proceeds from the sales of this beautiful and edible Pansy basket will go toward our program. Making life a bit easier for Mayan mothers is Nancy's gift to them on this upcoming Mother's Day. Helping other single mothers doesn't come any sweeter than this.