Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Mother's Thank You

I know you can't understand her. If it helps, I can't either. Candalaria speaks a dialect that I will never master, but thankfully our Guatemalan facilitators speak it fluently.
So you will have to trust me when I tell you that she is saying "thank you." She is expressing her gratitude for your concern, for helping us to help her.
I love this particular dialect. It is spoken softly, and when we are in a room of women who are speaking this language, it feels like a soft flow of warm water, easing through the room without sharp edges, smoothing everything in its path.


Candalaria's life changed dramatically when Finding Freedom added her to our program. As a recent widow, she went from sleeping on her father's floor with her five children to being a landowner, homeowner and the proud mother of students who excelled once they were back in school. The family has running water for the first time ever, and they eat at least one meal a day.  
She has much to be grateful for, and she wanted to thank you. 
As do we.