Saturday, October 24, 2015

Our Recent Trip; Through the Eyes of a New Volunteer

Pascuala; holding photos of when she first entered FFF

"You allowed me to see some people's stories." "FFF let me go into the heart of the towns and ride their streets in the backs of trucks on the terrible roads. We went into houses that had bugs, dirt floors, terrible 
structures, no electricity, limited or no running water. We saw people who have had 
awful health problems. You let me into a world where the word "poor" is an 
understatement. Despite the bad conditions I witnessed, I saw women who looked 
awful when first entering FFF who now look great."
No longer sleeping on the floor
" I saw somebody just happen to walk up a hill to ask us look to at their house and with your simple question of "Are you all up for it?" their lives are being changed and will continue to change; for the better. By following them down the hill, they now have school fees paid, beds to sleep in, and a loan paid off - all because you decided we would walk down a hill. That house was my first big emotional moment - just listening to that girl cry in such relief, happiness, gratitude, and hope. She had a big effect on me." 
Offering a prayer
"I saw a family wanting to pray with us, which was some of the most passionate praying I have ever heard in my lifetime. They have nothing, yet they are so thankful to God for what they do have. They have nothing, yet still have such a strong faith. I have listened to that prayer at least once a day since being back home."
"I saw tons of kids, all of them happy. Kids here get bored with the countless toys they have, saying they have nothing to do. Kids there find the joys in the little things and always seem so happy and loving despite having virtually no worldly possessions."


"I saw a family go from nothing, to having a very nice FFF donated house; observing the family look markedly better, and seeing them thrive and doing pretty well on their own now. These are just a few of the things that made such a great impact on me. I held back tears several times on the trip, but I let them go a little bit while writing this email and thinking back on all the memories (manly tears of course...). I am so incredibly thankful to you for allowing me to see a side of the Guatemalan country and people that I have never seen before! It was such an amazing trip! "

In front of their newly donated FFF house
"God really is doing great work through your organization! Thank you!"

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